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Departure: Flying with us means freedom. Freedom to use one of the private jet airports around the world and freedom from long waits in the terminals. If you would prefer to fly from another airport, a custom quotation can be arranged. Departure time and date are at your choice.

At the Airport: When you arrive at the General Aviation Facility (GAF) you will be welcomed by our client service coordinator who will make sure that everything is in order with your flight requirements before you depart.

Flight Crew & Cabin Crew: Our cabin crew are experienced professionals in the field with training in food and wine service, and specialized safety training. Our Flight crew & cabin crew are at your service, discreet, attentive, and always caring for your needs. 
 - Private Helicopters -

Helicopter EC 120
  EC120 Colibri is a 5-seat, single-engine, single main rotor, light helicopter. The design of the Colibri’s wide cabin makes it suitable for wide variety of civilian and parapublic missions, such as utility transport, offshore transport, training, law enforcement, casualty evacuation and corporate transport

Capacity: 4 passengers + 1 pilot
Cruise speed: 223 km/h (120 knots, 138 mph)
Range: 710 km (383 nm, 440 mi)
Useful load: 721 kg (1,543 lb)
Powerplant: 1 Χ Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft, 376 kW (504 shp)


Helicopter H-135
  The Airbus H-135 is well recognized for its high performance and outstanding manoeuvrability
and it is one o the quietest helicopters in it’s class. It carries up to six passengers in comfort. one up front beside the pilot for the ultimate flying experience, and five in the beautifully crafted leather cabin behind. Physical comfort isn’t the only luxury however; low noise and vibration levels ensure the quietest flight possible, making the Airbus H-135 the ideal helicopter to hire for business trips where the meeting can continue in flight,
for a cosseted and relaxing treat.

Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopter
Model: Airbus H-135
Type: 2 Engine
Category: Light
Seating Capacity: 6
Cruise Speed: 254 km/h
Max Speed: 287 km/h
Range: 635 km
Year: 2008



Helicopter AS-355
  The AS355 is the twin-engine version of Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s popular Astars family.  Retaining the same excellent handling, sturdiness and ease of maintenance, the AS355 NP incorporates twin-engine added reliability and performance – which makes it ideal for police and parapublic missions, as well as operations over water and urban areas.

Cruising speed: 120 knots/h (275 km/h)
Range: 700 km (380 nmi)
Capacity: 1 captain plus 5 passengers
Powerplant: 2 Χ Allison 250-C20F turboshaft, 313 kW (420 shp) each

Luggage compartments dimensions:
Main compartment:
Length low 60 cm., width 50 cm. height 50 cm. length high 65 cm.
Secondary left compartment:
Length left 35 cm. length right 15 cm. height 65 cm., width 110 cm.
Secondary right compartment:
Length left 20 cm., length right 35 cm., height 65 cm., width 90 cm.


Helicopter Robinson 44
  The Robinson 44 is a single-engined helicopter with a semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor and a skid landing gear. It has an enclosed cabin with two rows of side-by-side seating for a pilot and three passengers.

Renowned for its reliability and low-cost operation, the Robinson 44 will offer you a relaxing and comfortable flight.

Cruise speed: 110 kn (200 km/h; 130 mph)
Range: 300 nmi (560 km; 350 mi)
Capacity: four, including pilot
Payload: 800 lb (408 kg)
Powerplant: 1 Χ Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 6 cylinder, flat engine with fuel injection, 245 bhp (183 kW)


Helicopter Agusta109C
  Cruise speed: 135 knots (155 mp/h, 250 km/h)
Range: 540 km (300 nmi)
Capacity: VIP seating configuration for seven passengers
Powerplant: 2 x Allison Model 250-C20R-1 turboshaft enginesshp (606 kW)
Air Conditioned


Helicopter Agusta109K2
Manufacturer Agusta
Model A109K2
Type Twin engine
Category Light Helicopter
Seating Capacity 6

Cruise Speed 130 kts
Max Speed 154 kts
Range 503 nm
Year N/A
Base N/A


Helicopter Bell 407
  The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter. The blades and hub use composite construction, and provide better performance and a more comfortable ride. It is frequently used for corporate and offshore transport, as an air ambulance, law enforcement, electronic news gathering and movie making.

The interior and seating configuration is designed in a way to provide luxurious, very quiet and smooth rides in virtually all weather conditions.

Cruise speed: 133 knots (152 mp/h, 246 km/h)
Range: 324 nmi (372 mi, 598 km)
Capacity: VIP seating configuration for seven comprising pilot and passengers
Useful load: 2,347 lb (internal) (1,065 kg internal)
Powerplant: 1 Χ Allison 250-C47B turboshaft, 813 shp (606 kW)


Helicopter AS350
  The Aerospatiale AS350 Single Squirrel is one of the largest single engined turbine helicopters.
Seating for five passengers is both spacious and comfortable with excellent rear seat visibility, making this the ideal aircraft for sightseeing, VIP and corporate transport.

Airplane details
Manufacturer Eurocopter
Model AS 350
Type Single engine jet
Category Light helicopter
Seating Capacity 6

Cruise Speed 150 kts
Max Speed N/A
Range 700 km
Year Rebuilt in 2005
Base Santorini


Helicopter EC 130B
The EC130 B is a 6-seat, single-engine turbine helicopter.

Capacity: 6 passengers + 1 pilot
Cruising speed: 220 km/h (120 knots/h)
Range: 610 km (330 nm) (Depending on passenger number)

Baggage: Up to 5pcs of luggage of max 15Kgs each or 75kgs in total.


Helicopter EC 135
eurocopter Year Of Manufacture: 2006
Manufacturer: EUROCOPTER
Type: EC135 P2
Range (Nm): 340nm
Engines: 2x Pratt 668hp & Whitney PW 206B
No of passengers seat: 6
No of crew seats: 1
Cruise speed (kn): 135
Range: 340nm

eurocopter interior 

 - Private propelled Planes -

Piper PA 31 Chieftain
 Airplane details
The Piper PA-31 is a family of cabin-class, twin-engined aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft for the general aviation market, most using Lycoming engines.

Manufacturer Piper Aircraft
Model PA 31 Chieftain
Type Twin engine piston
Category Light engine piston
Seating Capacity 6+2
Cruise Speed 207 knots
Max Speed 227 knots
Range 1,875 km
Year 1981
Base Rhodes


King Air C90
   Manufacturer: Beechcraft King Air
Model: C90
Type: Twin Engine Turbo Prop
Category: Light Turbo Prop
Seating Capacity: 6
Cruise Speed: 419 km/h
Max Speed: 504 km/h
Range: 1260 nm (2334 km)
Year: 1993


Piper Saratoga
 Airplane details
The Piper Saratoga is an aircraft which will take you to your destination in a fast and comfortable way. The main advantage of the Saratoga is its maximum range. This means that it can fly up to 7 hours without the need of refueling.

Cruising Speed: 145 mi/h (225 km/h)
Range: 1600 km (1000 mi, 870 nm)
Capacity: 5 passengers + 1 pilot
Powerplant: One Χ Lycoming IO-540-K1G5, 300 hp (225 kW) each
Luggage compartment dimensions:
Primary compartment
Length 100 cm, height 45 cm, width 40 cm. Secondary compartment
Length 80 cm, height 80 cm, width 50 cm.


Private Jet Planesbr>

Citation V Ultra 
citation v ultraYear of Manufacture: June 1996 (Fully refurbished in February 2006)
Configuration: 7+1 passenger seats
Airport Base: Athens International Airport “E.Venizelos” (LGAV)
Max Cruise Speed: 430 KTAS (797 Km/hr)
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada – JT 15D-5D
Range (Approx): 1,500 nautical miles
Cabin Dimensions: Height: 141cm Width: 148cm Length Excluding Cockpit: 528cm
Baggage Capacity: 2.04 m3

Equipment list:

Flight Attendant: On Request 

citation v ultra interior
citation v ultracitation v ultra

Citation XL / XLS
citation xlYear of Manufacture: November 2002 / June 2006 / December 2006
Configuration: 8+1 passenger seats
Airport Base: Athens International Airport “E.Venizelos” (LGAV)
Max Cruise Speed: 429 KTAS (795 Km/hr)
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada – PW 545A
Range (Approx): 1700 nautical miles
Cabin Dimensions: Height: 174cm Width: 167cm Length: 700cm
Baggage Capacity: 2.35 m3

Equipment list:

Flight Attendant: YES

citation xl
citation xl interiorcitation xl plan

Citation Sovereign
citation sovereign 
Year of Manufacture: May 2008
Configuration: 9 passenger seats
Airport Base: Athens International Airport “E.Venizelos” (LGAV)
Max Cruise Speed: 0,80 Mach
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada – PW 306C turbofan
Range (Approx): 2400 nautical miles
Cabin Dimensions: Height: 175cm Width: 174cm Length: 938cm
Baggage Capacity: 2.83 m3

Equipment list:

Flight Attendant: YES

citation sovereign 
citation sovereign citation sovereign 

Dessault Falcon 2000 EX
desault falcon Year of Manufacture: November 2004
Configuration: 8 passenger seats
Airport Base: Athens International Airport “E.Venizelos” (LGAV)
Max Cruise Speed: 0,85 Mach
Engines: 2 x PW 308C
Range (Approx): 3800 nautical miles
Cabin Dimensions: Height: 188cm Width: 234cm Length: 798cm
Baggage Capacity: 3.80 m3

Equipment list:

Flight Attendant: YES

desault falcon 
desault falcon desault falcon
Indicative Price List for flights out of/to Mykonos 2017:
Please note that the prices shown below are for informative reasons about the possible cost of a route and are not in any case the final rates!
FromToΕC 120(4pax)As 355 (5pax)ΕC 130(6pax)A109(6pax) Piper Saratoga(5pax)
MykonosAthens 2.950 €3,200 €3.300 € 3.500 €2.000 €
Mykonos Naxos1.700 €N/A1.800 €N/AN/A
MykonosSantorini2.750 €N/A2.950 €N/A3.100 €
Mykonos Patmos2.350 €N/A2.550 €N/AN/A