Mykonos property for sale This Property can be sold as an entire complex or sold as single units.

The floorplans are designed to allow flexibility and units can be merged or subdivided single or shared ownership). Each unit has private outdoor spaces which are mostly oriented towards the central courtyard with swimming pool.
The entrances and the central courtyard are common areas. This Property can be a Hotel, Family Residence or Holiday

Floorplans and Layouts of Property
A village of six houses with apartments is built around the common swimming pool. All ground-floor apartments have an outdoor space with exclusive use,
while the first floors have their own terraces and balconies. This residential complex was built in 2013 in a private garden with a traditional Dovecot owned by the same family over the centuries.

The architectural style respects the quiet rhythm of the two-storied houses of Chora, the town of Mykonos. The site, enclosed by an old traditional Mykonian stonewall, is located in the Rohari neighbourhood which was, up to the 70s, an area composed of gardens, cultivated by the inhabitants of Chora, when the town was smaller. This is why the neighbourhood, has preserved its unique character with more green and space between the houses. Currently it is considered the best part of town to live in, combining tranquility with the advantage of being within minutes in the center.



A1 - The Dove House
A2 - The Olive tree House  
A3 - The Pomegranate House
A4 - The Caper House
B1 - The Well House
B2 - Swimming Pool
B3 - The Palm tree House

Address: Enoplon Dynameon 10 (upper floor)
(end Matoyianni Street: main street)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE
Tel: +30-22890-23160 / 23408 / 28160 Fax: 22890-24137