Friends of Animals on Mykonos

has now its NEW website ready for public display: with domain name www.mykonosanimals.org
Friends of Animals in Mykonos are looking for helpful passengers to Germany wishing to escort homeless dogs to different airports
(no cost or inconvenience) Please contact <barbara.hehne@yahoo.de>


If that stray dog or cat has its paws around your heart,
We can help you get him or her back home.

We are a group of local residents who are concerned about the health and welfare of the stray animal population in Mykonos. One of our primary aims is to control the cat and dog overpopulation problem and to this end, we have organized a sterilization program with our local veterinarian.

We provide veterinary aid to those sick and injured and have set up feeding programs to help the animals survive the lean winter month. In addition, we arrange adoption to good homes as often as possible and have successfully placed many animal throughout Europe and North America. Although most of our strays are cats and dogs, we help any animal in distress and have on occasion lent a hand to a flamingo, pelican, turtles, ducks owls and others.

A NEW association "Friends of Animals in Mykonos" is being created.
Once a month through the summer, we sell home made cakes and sweets and once a year before Christmas we are having a bazaar and a white Elephant sale to raise money for the homeless animals. Visitors to Mykonos are encouraged to donate through collection jars places in various business outlets and our "donation dog" located at the airport.

Our volunteers freely extend their time, energy, and in many instances personal finances, to the cause. As the organization has little to no overhead costs, virtually all the money collected goes to the care of our strays.
At this time all animals assisted medically are sheltered in volunteers' homes and released when they are able to survive on their own. It is our long term goal to one day establish an animal shelter to extend proper care and to provide a centre from which we can promote adoptions. However, until such time as that is feasible, we will endeavor to work with other organizations to educate the public about the benefits of neutering, and the general care of animals, and continue to raise awareness of the plight of stray animals in Greece. 

NEW Contact: Sarah
Friends of Animals - Mykonos
phone: 00-30 - 22890 -
Supported by the Volunteers Association Mykonos
and by Mykonos Accommodation Center:

NEW e-mail: info@mykonosanimals.com

Help to reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats.
Anyone wishing to assist through donations can do so by contacting the above or directly by a bank deposit at the
ALPHA BANK, Mykonos Branch, Nr. 621-002101-107900