Experience unique and breathtaking moments on Mykonos Island:
discover a very different view by horse-back, on well loved and trained horses
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Horseland offer a memorable and safe riding experience. The guided tour is an initiation to the Cycladic environment, as well as to local wild life.  A one-time Mykonos experience.
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Riding classes given by qualified teacher, for children and adults.
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Prices and Program for 2019
This ride totals two hours from Horseland stables to Fokos Beach.
We ride through local farming areas and past a breathtaking water reservoir, surrounded by rocky mountains often inhabited by goats, sheep and donkeys. We take a quick stop at the stunning Fokos beach for photographs to help you keep this experience forever (so don't forget your camera!).

Start times:
Ride 1: 09:30 - 11.30 (pick up from hotel at 09.00)
Ride 2: 18:00 - 20.00 (pick up from hotel at 17:30)

90€ per person including transfers or 80 € per person without transfer
Totalling three hours, this tour is the same as above, with a one-hour break at Fokos beach to swim, relax in the sun, or take lunch or a drink at the beautiful seaside Fokos Tavern (food and drinks not included in the price).
For those wanting to incorporate time on one of the island’s most stunning secluded beaches into their riding experience, this package provides a wonderful opportunity to absorb the beauty of our landscape with a unique and fun mode of transport.

Start times:
11.30- 14.30 (pick up from hotel at 11:00)

120 € per person including transfers or 110 € per person without transfer

Book Now in Real Time

Prepaid, confirmed bookings only: cancellation charges apply.
Remarks: very successful tour, covering beautiful island settings; many satisfied clients.

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Booking & Cancellation policy:
• To confirm the booking we must receive full pre-payment in advance.
• We do not refund booked rides. You can re-schedule with 7 days clear notice, if there is availability.
• We provide riding helmets and saddlebags for your small personal items and a bottle of water free of charge.
• You must inform us of any illness, previous injury or disability that may affect your riding ability.
• You will be required to sign a waiver of liability form prior to getting on a horse.
• Although we take all reasonable safety precautions, you should be aware that riding horses is a risk sport.
• The weight limit for riders is 220lb/100kg
• The minimum age limit is 8 years
horse-riding horse-riding horse-riding horse-riding
Information required at time of booking:
• Name & Number of people
• Preferred riding tour and time
• Hotel name and location for pick up and return
• Contact details
• Height, weight and age in order for us to select the most suitable horses
• It is very important you advise us the level of experience.
Please quote one of the following below in your booking request:

1. Beginner – Never been on a horse before or have had a few lessons. May have trotted
and may have hacked out at walking pace.

2. Novice – Mastered the basic skills in all paces and can mount and dismount unaided.
Confident on a well-schooled horse in walk, rising trot, and for short periods of canter.

3. Intermediate – A secure and confident rider on a well-schooled horse at all paces
including a fast canter in open country. Happy to ride for several hours and may have
some jumping experience.

4. Advanced – An experienced rider, confident and relaxed on horseback. Rides regularly
and has an independent seat and soft hands. Capable of handling a spirited horse at
canter in open country and happy to jump. May have owned or shared their own horse
and have experience of riding a variety of horses.

Possibility to arrange different services, contact us now

Horse Riding programs
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