Below M.A.C. presents for your reservations a short select choice of recommended hotels in the islands:
Skiathos,Skopelos and Evia.
M.A.C. will also arrange reservations for hotels & all types of accommodation in other Aegean Islands such as:
1. Northeastern Aegean Islands (Lesvos, Samos, IkariaChios),
2. Northern Sporades & Euboea (Skiathos, Skopelos, Evia),
4. Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos , Paros, Tinos, Syros, Ios, Amorgos)
5. Saronic Islands (Hydra and Spetses),
6. Dodecanese (Rhodes,Patmos, Astypalea, Kos),
7. Crete.
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Skiathos island

Skiathos is a small island in the Aegean Sea and the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group of islands.
The mainland of Greece and Magnesia lie to the west, while the island of Skopelos lies to the east.
The name of the island dates back to ancient times.
The Municipality of Skíathos includes the islands of Tsougria and Tsougriaki, and of the islets of Maragos, Arkos, Troulonisi and Aspronisi. Total land area of the island is 50 km. The major settlement on the island is the town of Skiathos,
while other settlements are anemos , Kalyvia , Troulos , and Koukounaries .
Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos 
Despite its small size , Skiathos is a popular tourist destination. It has over 60, chiefly sandy, beaches scattered along the coastline of about 44 km. The south side of the island has sandy beaches with calm waters. Beaches on the north are less crowded. The wind mostly comes in from the north and also the sea tends to be somewhat rougher to the north. Some of the most famous beaces are Koukounaries - Covered with umbrella pines is the most famous beach on the island, Lalaria Beach - only accessible by daily boats, crystal clear water and large stones on shore, Banana - next to Koukounaries is a naturist beach, Asselinos - large and quiet undeveloped beach, Kanapitsa - an amazing beach, water sports, and a nice taverna.
Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos 
The island is linked to mainland Greece with sea routes from Thessaloniki, Volos and Agios Konstantinos and also to the rest of the Sporades (all by hydrofoil, Hellenic Seaways). Skiathos Island National Airport is located at the northeast of the island, in a valley separating the main part of the island and peninsula of Lazareta.
The modern major road runs along the eastern and southern coast. Several smaller branches, some paved and some dirt, reach the inland and the northwest coast. There is a regular, and in tourist season very frequent, bus line from the town to the beach of Koukounaries in the southwest.
Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos  Skiathos 
Get in
By boat
Skiathos is accessible via ferry from Volos, Agios Konstantinos, and Thessaloniki
Cruise ships dock at the Chora Port.

Skiathos Hotels & Properties
ESPERIDES HOTEL  ****  Cat. A.Renovated 2006, Open April-October, 181 Rooms.
Location: AchladiesBeach, 4 km from Town, 4km from airport..
Facilities: Bar, Conference Room, Parking, Fitness Room, Hairdresser,Internet Room, Pets Allowed, Playground, Pool Bar, Restaurant,Room Service, Shops, Snack Bar,  Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Volleyball, Water Sports, Wheelchair Access - Disabled Facilities.
All Rooms: AC, DataPort, Fridge, Hairdryer, Telephone, Satellite TV, Music System. contact us now 

Skopelos island

Skopelos is in the western Aegean sea and is the largest of several islands which comprise the Northern Sporades island group. The island is located east of mainland Greece, northeast of the island of Euboea and is part of the Prefecture of Magnesias in the Periphery of Thessaly.
Skopelos is also the name of the main port and the municipal center of the island. The other communities of the island are Glossa and Neo Klima (Elios).
Skopelos Skopelos Skopelos Skopelos
Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in the Aegean Sea and the length of the coastline of Skopelos is 67 km. Due to the island's mountainous terrain most of the coast is inaccessible some of the beaches that are accessible by road or trail are
Staphylos, Velanio (the unofficial nudism beach), Agnondas, Limnonari, Panormos, Adrines, Milia, Kastani, Elios, Hovolo, Armenopetra, Kalives, Glyfoneri, Glysteri, Perivoliou, Keramoto, Chondrogiorgos.

The island is served by commuter hydrofoils and ferryboats from the ports of Volos Magnesia and Agios Konstantinos, Phthiotis on mainland Greece which also allows connections to and from Alonissos and Skiathos. In summer there is a ferry to and from Thessaloniki and Kymi in Euboea. Skopelos has one main road which links the three main villages by coach several times daily.

Skopelos Hotels & Properties
SKOPELOS VILLAGEHOTEL Cat. 4 Keys. Open May-October.
Location: Skopelos, 600 m from Town, 600m from port. Facilities: Babysitting, 1 Bar, Parking, Playground, Pool Bar, Room Service, Snack Bar(s), Swimming Pool, Tennis Court,
All Rooms: A/C, Fax, Full Kitchen, Fridge, Hairdryer, TV, Safe Box, us now 

Evia island

Evia, also Euboea, is in Central and Northern Greece. Though an island, it's so large and so close to the mainland that it has more of a mainland atmosphere than an island one.
It is separated from the mainland of Greece by the narrow Euripus Strait. In general outline it is a long and narrow, seahorse-shaped island; it is about 150 kilometres (93 mi) long, and varies in breadth from 50 kilometres (31 mi) to 6 kilometres (3.7 mi). Its general direction is from northwest to southeast, and it is traversed throughout its length by a mountain range, which forms part of the chain that bounds Thessaly on the east, and is continued south of Euboea in the lofty islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.
Evia  Evia  Evia  Evia 
Chalkis or Halkida () is the capital of the island, a lively city of more than 50.000 citizens.
Halkida has a wonderfoul urban coastline area, built on the two coasts of the strait of Evripos.
As a greek island, Evia has a warm summer which allows the residents to swim at the many small beaches of the northern section of the city (at both coasts).
Evia  Evia  Evia  Evia 
Tourism is not much developed. Its main attractions for the visitor are the landscape and traditional villages.
More tourist-oriented spot is Aedipsos, famous for its natural spas and hot springs and Karystos in the south.

Evia Hotels & Properties
THERMAE SYLLA SPA HOTEL  *****  Cat. DLX Built 1897, Renovated 1999, open all year, 102 Rooms, 6 Suites.
Location & description:Edipsos, on the beach.
Facilities: Spa of 1800 m2 with healing waters from a private spring andwith elements of radon, 2 multi use pools with spa water, mud &  inhalation therapy, hydromassage, thalassotherapy, physiotherapy,massage, sauna & steam baths, beauty center, Volcanic & aromatotherapy steam baths, Sports facilities, Conference center, Bar, Restaurant, Entertainment hall, Shops
All Rooms: Air Conditioned, Data Port, Fax, Fridge, Hairdryer, TV, Telephone, Satellite TV, Safe Box, Music System, Internet Access, Mini-Bar. contact us now
M.A.C. will also arrange reservations for hotels & all types of accommodation in the islands:
Spetses, Egina, Chios, Kos, Limnos, Skyros, Kythira, and many more.

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