From spring to peak August & late autumn : relaxed or romantic, hectic or crazy; for young & not so young:
AiGLI ( pronounce EGLI ), Tria Pigadia,

T. 22890 / 25440 
A classic cafe-bar in Chora's most central part, with a prime view of passerbyers. Ample outdoor seating space.

Cafe' Restaurant, Gialos water front 

T. 22890 / 25030
 It is ideal for all hours, for breakfast and coffee, for lunch or tasty cocktails and delicious meals which are served throughout the day

ALLEY, main street matoyianni

T. 22890 / 24288
Enjoy café, juices and snacks during the day and exclusive cocktails from the afternoon until late at night.


T. 22890 / 79295

APERANTO GALAZIO, right on Ornos Beach.

 aperanto galazio beach bar and light smacks ornos beach

T. 22890 / 27991
Aperanto Galazio is open all day long and offers you a wide selection of entertainment options till the “wee hours”.

APPALOOSA,  Mavrogenous 11, Goumenio 


T. 22890 / 27086
Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Mykonos Town. Flavours from Greece to Mexico, India and Indonesia.

 Mando Square 

T. 6970866666
Cabaret is the live Greek entertainment meeting point in the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos

 Kouzi Georgouli Street  

T. 6957149413
The legendary Argo Bar, with over 30 years presence in Mykonos nightlife, rocking our nights with loud music, pure drinks and cocktails.

, Matoyianni str.
aroma bar centre mikonos town

T 22890 / 27148 
Serving coffee, breakfast and cocktails in the evening. "Everything is served with care under the sounds of world music. Open all day

Tria Pigadia, En Dynameon  

astra bar mykonos

T 22890 / 24767
Eclectic music, with a little of everything and the emphasis on hits. Among the most fashionable hangouts for the rich and famous.

Sea side, under Paraportiani church.

T. 22890 / 25152
There's a dance floor and drag shows.
Gay friendly style and crazy ambience, dance music and tables outside, on the pier.

BLU - BLU,  
Old port area

Blu Blu Lounge Mykonos

T. 22890 / 28711
Chill-out cocktail bar cafe, with a super view of the old port. Ambient music, chill out & electronica keep you company while you enjoy your drink.

gay club

mykonos at54 new discotheque

gay friendly funky disco club everybody
was waiting for: tel. 22890-28543
Mando Square

, Ag Stefanos


T. 22890 / 26656
Dublin café is a Irish pub where one can come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings over a few drinks and food.

, Mykonos Town (Little Venice)

T. 22890 / 23541
Here you can enjoy the music, cocktails and a trendy party atmosphere. The place to watch the sunset from. 

, Paradise Beach

main xlsior gay party mykonos cavo paradiso

T 22890 / 27205 - 26124 - 25949
Cavo Paradiso, an Ibiza-style open-air mega club, has a fantastic view of the sea, where you can party and dance till well after the sun comes up.
COSI: end of Matoyanni str.  Town
cosi bar myconos town

T 22890 / 23022
It opens the morning for coffee, till late at night with music of the 80's and unbelievable liveliness.
The music is groovy.
VOID (ex DREAM CITY and  SPACE), Lakka Square
space club mykonos town center

T. 22890 / 24100
A house-music club. Dream Vity is the only large night club in town and is popular with a young crowd.

In Town

T. 22890 / 23542
One of the oldest bars on the famous Greek party island of Mykonos. Great tunes every night, friendly atmosphere, reasonable drink prices...

, Little Venice


T 22890 / 27188
Over 20 years of activity. One of the best places to watch the sunset. In the evening the music moves smoothly from pop to reggae.

GUZEL ( ex  9 MUSES BAR ), Waterfront, Town

T 22890 / 23010
0pen till late at night,  international crowed and house music selection. Reservation available.

end of Yalos Paraportiani waterfront


T. 22890 / 79167
The most popular gay dance club, opened in 2009. The party goes wild at about 2AM till sometimes 7AM. Inside there's a really crowded dance floor and shows by drag queens.

Super Paradise
Jackie O' Beach new 2013 on Super Paradise Beach Mykonos

T. 22890 / 77298
Gay Beach club -a small ‘Universe‘ with a 150 seat restaurant, large open bar, pool, jacuzzi and private lounge areas, its own church for ceremonies

JOY, Matoyanni str.  

T. 22890 /24114
A brand NEW chic cafe bar in town, mostly of people sit on the stairs outside as is situated on a great meeting point

, Paranga beach
kalhua beach bar paranga mykonos

T. 22890 / 23927
Very well designed beach restaurant / bar on the island. Serving an international cuisine including pasta, seafood, cocktails and beverages.

mykonos kastro bar

T. 22890 / 23072
A lot of atmosphere and a beautiful view of  sea and sunset. Kastro offers a magnificant sunset view in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere with classical music.
KATERINA’S BAR, Agion Anargyron Street,

T 22890 / 23084
Built on two levels and each level has a balcony that hangs over the sea in Little Venice, making it good spot to view the sunset over a cocktail or meal.

Sea Front Cafe - Snack bar

T. 22890 / 28256
Mediterranean and Greek cousine, fresh produce and a friendly atmosphere that will satisfy your appetite

Strip Show Club, Roads  to AnoMera   

T 6933133309
The only strip bar in Mykonos. Daily from 23.00

- 4 Zani Pitaraki, Limni Square

T. 22890 23072
Open from 7PM till late.This NEW gay bar has a very cabaret, theatrical feel.
The atmosphere is warm and inviting.
A perfect beginning to any night.

Agia Kyriaki Square: Cafe Snack bar


T. 22890 / 24455
Coffee and snacks served throughout the day

DU MONDE Kalogera Street : cafe snacks bar

du monde

T. 22890 / 26072
With street bar philosophy, winning both the most searched music, rhythms of reggae to rock, and the imaginative cocktails, based on fresh fruits will pleasantly surprise
MALAME Cafe',  Ring road to Ornos, Aggelika

T. 22890 / 28038
Breakfast, coffee and home made cake, finger food. Enjoy cocktails loking over the sea. Low prices and free WiFi connection. Open from 9a.m.  All year .

The Piano Bar - 24 Agion Anargyron Street  
mykonos piano bar

T. 22890 / 23719
This unique place keep its live NEW York style cabaret entertainment every night. Extensive cocktail list, lot of fun and lovely atmosphere with nice and quality people. Largely gay crowd .

MUSIC CAFÉ,  Sea Front

T. 22890 / 27625
Cocktail bar, restaurant, Open  all day and all night. Music change during the day from chill out, lounge to mainstream.

  Little Venice

, Above Old Port

oneiro bar restaurant mykonos

T. 22890 / 26626
Best view of the harbour. Opens early, with a cool atmosphere and easy listening music. Good place to sit and relax, romantic setting, good cocktails, with or without alcohol.

Panormos Beach Bar & Restaurant

panormos beach restaurant mykonos

T. 22890 / 27640
A trendy beach bar and tavern, that changed Panormos Beach into a more cosmopolitan beach.
Paradise Club Mykonos, Paradise Beach

paradise club disco mykonos island

T. 6949468227
A big nightclub on the island and voted for as one of the 100 best clubs of the world. With three stages and a swimming pool. Famous DJ's play here every summer.

, En Dynameon str. Town

passo doble bar center mykonos

T 22890 / 22876
It's a all day cafe' at a privileged and much frequented spot. At night you hardly can find a place to sit outside, therefore you will enter it to enjoy the music which, as the night  proceeds, it become stronger and you forget to leave.


 T. 22890 / 23023
Very well serviced with comfortable sunbeds, an good food on one of the island most beautiful beaches.

, Paradise.


T. 22890 / 22852
Beach party life, dance and have fun while Dj's take us away with summer hits. Strong bar and excellent cocktails

PORTA BAR, behind Nikos Tavern

T 22890 / 27087  
 Party atmosphere..One of the most «hardcore » gay bars on the island... As you go down the stairs, the atmospheric surroundings rise to meet you submerged in a dim light, with music from the 70s playing in the background.

: Enoplon Dynameon


T. 6949078018
Enjoy the best cocktails, meet people and have fun! Queen Bar is ideal for any time of day. You can sit outside and watch passersby while sipping your cocktail, or take a seat at the bar

RAYA: Sea side

T. 22890 / 28223
Stylish place, open from early in the morning for your breakfast and coffee, dishes to taste from midday and drinks and cocktail till late night

, Little Venice

rhapsody bar little venice mykonos

T 22890 / 23142
It has a small balcony overlooking the sea and the sunset and plays low beat music. Mostly American, English and Australian hang around here.


T.  22890 / 25700
Fine Greek dining & cocktail bar, attracting the cream of the beau monde on the island. A lot of Latin American music from Argentinian tangos 'till Cuban ballades. 


rock & roll bar mykonos center

T. 6986626646
At the Rock n’ Roll bar you will swing to all time classic rock hits, as well as beloved oldies but goodies of the 70’s and 80’s

ROUVERA , Sea Front: Cafe _ Snack Bar..


T. 22890 / 28858
Enjoy a great breakfast with your coffee, tasty meat and fish varieties, home made food, delicious desserts and drinks or evening coctails overlooking the port of Mykonos.

,  Barkia
scandinavian bar mykonos town center

T. 22890 / 22669
One of the oldest night-life spots on the island.
Skandinavian Bar is one of the 'landmark' party places on Mykonos since 1978. Comprised of an outdoor square with seating all around.

SCARPA,  Little Venice

scarpa little venice mykonos cocktail bar

T.22890 / 23294
Best atmosphere and best music in the area - almost freestyle, with lot of black sound. Right on the waterfront, great spot for watch the sunset.

  Little Venice

semeli bar mikonos town near seafront

T. 6944385959
From the same owner of the Semeli Hotel, this NEW bar/club is located right in Little Venice. Many Greeks but also a lot of international crowd.  Music move from international hits to Greek music

Kalo Livadi beach bar restaurant


T. 22890 / 71745
It s the beach restaurant which transformed this beach to a high-frequented place.It plays Greek and international music.


stairs tiny bar mykonos

T. 22890 / 26904
Small friendly bar right in the main taxi sq.. Free wifii connection for all clients plus lap top rent at day, party place at night with house music, 80's and summer hits.

STARBUCKS coffee shop on peripheral road

starbucks coffee mykonos island

T. 22890 / 28404
The famous coffee chain now
available in Mykonos

, Super Paradise Beach

super paradise beach mykonos

T. 22890 23023/25373/27205.
The party starts in the afternoon and continues until late at night, with the peak in July and August.       

SUENO POOL , Paranga Beach

 T 6942582568, 22890 / 25364
Among the strong points, a large variety of imaginative cocktails

, Waterfront

T. 22890 / 24609
A must for visitors who wish to see how Greeks are entertained and taste a “pure” Greek night out with folk songs and dance till dawn

TOROLOCO, Kouzi Georgouli

T. 22890 / 78030
Wine tasting bar, Spain tapa bar style. 

Paradise Beach

tropicana paradise beach bar mykonos island

T. 22890 / 26990
Famous beach bar and popular meeting place for young foreign tourists and others. By 05.00 p.m. the place has become a mad party scene

Bar & Restaurants 

uno con carne lively bar mykonos

T. 22890 / 24020
Uno con Carne,as its spanish-oriented name indicates, made its appearance on the island of Mykonos as an Argentinean style steakhouse.

, Little Venice

veranda bar historical building mykonos hora

T 22890 / 27400
Very beautiful old Venetian style interior, with cozy side rooms and atmosphere.
Balcony seating looks out over sea and sunset.

4711 Live Clubbing, Agias Monis Sq. Chora

white bar

T. 6932138476
The authentic live scene from Kolonaki , Athens now in Mykonos island behind the Town Hall.

: Matoyanni Str.

white bar

Tel. 22890 / 22217
In Matoyanni Hotel, cafe' bar in the main road of town. Lounge ambience with chill out music

Sunset Bar at the Elysium

elysium gay hotel show at sunset bar

Sunset Bar: Breakfast, lunch & cocktails, at Elysium Hotel 's all day pool bar open to public, and sunset becomes a crazy party wih gay transvestite show