What's Hot and not to be missed:
- unique traditional Cycladic architecture, - splendid sandy beaches, - excellent shopping and dining facilities,
- cosmopolitan lifestyle, - non-stop youth entertainment & nightlife

The first Sunday before Lent
MYKONOS TOWNCarnival is not a major event but there are parties for some three weeks leading up to this date, with people dressed up with masks going around the bars.
(Kathari Deftera)
MAINLY BEACHESThis marks the start of Lent. The local people go to the beaches and have big picnics with Lent food (mostly sea-food) and the children fly their kites.
Mykonos Island get ready for the summer visitors begin April, when most town hotels, restaurants and boutiques open up. The main event is of course Greek Easter the most important holiday when thousands of Greeks invade the island for its Christian traditional celebrations followed up by the Easter Sunday meal: with lamb on the spit and many other delicacies. By Greek Easter is the island ready for the spring and summer visitors: by then the whole Town has been white washed & renovated and quite a few beach hotels and restaurants are open for business.
 good friday easter

A typical relaxed, lazy day during hot summer months.
(May - end September or later.)

super little venice paradise
Most Mykonos visitors spend days at one of the many superb beaches after waking late (10am, midday or...),Most Mykonos visitors spend days at one of the many superb beaches after waking late (10am, midday or...),
and breakfasting at their hotel, or a special brunch place in-town.
Most beaches are near to town: take the local bus, local caique boats from Platis Yialos Beach, taxis, or rent a bike, car or jeep.
All beaches - even the farthest - have (at least) one small taverna, open from midday. Most beach-goers get back late to their hotels/ accommodation, rest up, then shower, and are ready for early the cocktail and sunset bars by 7 or 8pm. Dinner at restaurants and tavernas, starts at 8 or 9pm earliest. Restaurants and other food places are busy, and stay open well beyond midnight.
Late night bars and discos open around 11pm; the craziest, fun hours are between 1 to 3 or 4am.
Then, back late to the hotel...and following the late morning breakfast/brunch (11am- 3pm), off to the beach again... a holiday rhythm that continues day after day. But for the not so lazy...there are things to do on Mykonos Island !
CLIMATE: Island Water and Air Temperatures
SEA (°C)14°13°17°16°18°25°24°25°23°22°18°14°
sunshine in hrs per day46781013131210853
rain: number of days per month11673210015610
Highs during the day  (°C)131315162125262523211715
Nightly lows (°C)101011131620222220171411
Precipitation (mm)13514994583315182397167170165

Beaches: Mykonos counts some of the best sandy beaches in the Aegean Sea.

platis yalospanormos mykonos
Things to do: More active visitors can enjoy sports facilities available on all the well organized beaches.
Scuba-diving, wind surfing, water skiing, paragliding, jet powered surf boards, banana...see our: all 33 beaches and sports
Also, check out our large choice of excursions and tours: day trips & excursions, Delos guided tour,
beach parties, horse-riding and much more around Mykonos.
delos-lions watersportsQuarantine boat
Mykonos Island has a top rate reputation for quality restaurants & dining, and offers the most sophisticated night life in Greece.
The town's maze of tiny streets is alive until the early hours; and the rest of the island (beaches or Ano Mera Village) also offers good standard restaurants, large discos and lively bars.

Mykonos island in Autumn and Winter:

a peaceful and beautiful island perfect for for a relaxing stay or brief visit.
Blue sky, deserted beaches, and wonderful walks in the hills...perhaps not every day .. but usually until the beginning of January.
Enjoy a romantic and tranquil holiday on this beautiful isle.
find our complete timetable at:   boats in winter or flights in autumn, and flights in winter.
alley view pelicans
Things to do: Visitors and winter tourists come to Mykonos to discover a traditional Greek island,
to escape busy Athens after business, or to calm down after a long European tour before traveling on further to Egypt Israel or Asia...
Apart from the more usual tourists you will find various hikers, walkers, readers, writers, bikers...
You can still visit beautiful Delos, hike through isolated mountains, walk on unoccupied beaches, explore another side of the island life with some monasteries, horse riding... or take part in local  festivities  or gatherings and meet the friendly Mykonians.
paraportiani windmills little venice
The Weather:
Mykonos' climate is Mediterranean and mild. 
Autumn is nearly always blue skied and sunny , the temperature drops only very gradually.
There are many beautiful days for beach going and swimming sometimes up till early January.
The real winter months are also mild, even in January the temperature never drops very low. At the most only some 30 days will need the heating on. The island has a significant percentage of humidity due to south-easterly winds and rainfall between mid-January and end-March;
there is also a possibility of storms and colder northerly colder winds at this period.
Snow is rare perhaps one every 10 years. The clear blue sky exists for most of the winter....that's why we live here!
Mykonos Accommodation Center stays open all year round and will arrange all your hotel reservations for Autumn & Winter.
We have all our recommended hotels for October up to end-March, on our Autumn & Winter page. All with heating and in good central locations.All quoted prices include breakfast and all taxes.We offer special rates for stays longer than 3 nights. 
The Week-ends see many Athenian visitors to Mykonos, so the island still 'parties' at the Greek discos and bars, mostly a young Greek set. 
There are also several recommended taverns and restaurants remaining open between November and March..   

Festivities in Autumn,  Winter

OICHI DAY October 28thMYKONOS HARBOUR FRONT A national holiday with patriotic parades and plenty of dancing. The day commemorates the famous reply by the then Greek prime minister Metaxas, to Mussolini 's 1940 call for Greek surrender: an emphatic no (Ochi)
December 6th
Agios Nicolas churchh
This is a celebration of the patron Saint of sailors. The feast of Agios Nikolaos in Chora involves much dancing to the sounds of the local instruments “toumbakia” and “askavli”, all expenses are covered by the “panigiras”. (town council) 
December 24th
MYKONOSChristmas is a national holiday. Though less significant than Easter in Greece, it is still an important feast day. In the last few years more and more  Christmas decorations are to be seen around the town and island.
January 1st
MYKONOSA national holiday. Father Christmas visits on NEW Year's  day and gifts are exchanged. There is a special cakes called "Vasilopita", baked with coins inside to bring good luck to the finder. There is a town hall reception with free food, drinks, & music.
January 6th
MYKONOS HARBOUR FRONTAfter church and a religious ceremony, to bless the waters at coastal locations, the priest  throws the Holy  Crucifix into the sea. Young men then  jump into the chilly water each hoping for the honour of retrieving the cross.
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