Mykonos Accommodation Center 
presents art work by
Pierre Couteau

photographer for 
Greece and the G
reek islands.

© P. Couteau back cover of mykonos book© P. Couteau front cover of mykonos book

His first and exclusive photographic album  
was published in 1978 assisted by Anne Rochegude. 

© P. Couteau Paraportiani church© P. Couteau harbour-front of Mykonos

The traditional Greek Island atmosphere has almost disappeared on Mykonos, so Couteau's work also constitutes an important historic document..
For many years now he has had a top reputation for his calendars and postcards, considered among the most beautiful  on sale in Greece.

Pierre Couteau's principal subject is the natural beauty found on Mykonos, the surrounding Cyclades Islands, and Crete;
however he also captures other  typical tourist subjects such as beaches, people, panoramas...

Pierre Couteau's work has featured at many group exhibitions on Mykonos Island.

© P. Couteau the sky in autumn

© P. Couteau view to the town from Paradiso

© P. Couteau Agrari beach.jpg


© P. Couteau Psarou beach mykonos.jpg

© P. Couteau rainbow above Mykonos town

© P. Couteau little venicein winter.jpg


© P. Couteau little venice from the sea

© P. Couteau gay super paradise beach.jpg

© P. Couteau little venice with cruise boat


© P. Couteau Three men on the beach.jpg


© P. Couteau man on the rock.jpg  

© P. Couteau man sunbathing.jpg

His collection of -more than 500- postcards can be found on all islands in the South Aegean, as well as in Athens. Couteau 
always has a ready eye for funny situations and subjects too, as can be seen from the samples on this page.

© P. Couteau the truck is full Mykonos


© P. Couteau a donkey in the snow on Mykonos

© P. Couteau old farm house on Mykonos


© P. Couteau 2 men on elia beach.jpg

© P. Couteau chapel in the rocky hills

© P. Couteau empty street in Hora Mykonos

© P. Couteau little venice alefkandra.jpg

Pierre Couteau has several Greek subject book and exhibition  projects in mind; he is looking for an editor or 
publisher who might be interested in making this happen.

© P. Couteau Tinos dovecots.jpg © P. Couteau Parikia's old wall on Paros island

© P. Couteau Syros Ermoupolis street.jpg

© P. Couteau a row of old shoes© P. Couteau Goddess Antenna ?

Mykonos Accommodation Center is honored to have this possibility to present his work, and appreciates his 
authorization for the use of certain post cards on our web site.  You may contact him by e-mail -either in English or French- via us and we will forward.

© P. Couteau old castle on Naxos island

© P. Couteau old photo album portret

© P. Couteau old harbour Chania on Crete

© P. Couteau south coast Crete island

All Couteau postcards and works are copyrighted, and may not be reproduced in any form without his prior authorization.©

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