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General Info: Led by Pezi and his Team, the station lies on the sandy 1 km long, Kalafati beach. Pretty much swept daily by the Meltemi, this wind can often reach Bft 6 in the afternoons; this spot offers amazing possibilities to entry level sailors and intermediates, as the wind is normally moderate in the morning, ruffling the turquoise to deep blue water.
The bay offers an amazing array of possibilities: its shape makes being swept out impossible; there is a flat water strip for speed freaks
and freestylers to windward as well as small waves for jumping in the lee.
windsurfing windsurfing windsurfing
Somewhat further out, the waves can build up to as much as 2 -4 metres in height, which is great for high jump and backloops.

Rent of the equipment (by hour till weekly)from 25 € to 470 €
Lesson (with or without board / group or private)from 75 € to 165 €
Canoe ( by hour till daily )From 10 € to 30 €

windsurfing windsurfing windsurfing windsurfing