Half day boat trip & guided tour bookings.
Departure from Mykonos town (Hora) Old jetty, after the Townhall.
A well organized tour offering the following different schedules and language.
Daily departures for Delos island
Meeting point at Old port (west pier) at 09.30
Morning Departures every day at 10.00 am, return 13:30 or 15:00
Afternoon Departures will star on May 2nd 2019 (Mondays till Sunday) at 17:00pm, return 20:00


Monolingual guided tours in:

English: every day
at 10:00am & 17:00pm (28/04/2018 & 02/05/2018)
French: every
Friday at 10:00am(11/05/2018)
German: every
Thursday at 10:00am
(Date to be advised)
Italian: every
Tuesday at 10:00am (22/05/2018)
Spanish: every Tuesday at 10:00am
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The Delos archaeological sanctuary, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, is listed by Unesco as one of mankind's most important cultural and historical sites. Delos was the sacred island for Ancient Greeks and became the holiest place in the Aegean with a flourishing commercial town & harbour, large population, temples, and open air theatre....
Delos is now uninhabited and off-limits for an overnight stay..
Delos was mostly the spiritual focus of the Ancient Greeks ethnic identity: it was a holy island, dedicated to the god Apollo and the religious festivals grew in the ancient world into a huge trade fair and city without defensive walls with public buildings, a cosmopolitan banking and trading center, with it's grain port and slave market.

Today Delos constitutes the most well preserved ancient city in Greece.

Grouping at DELOS TOURS ticket office at the Old Port of Mykonos

Departure from Mykonos to Delos

Arrival at Delos - The guide gives the tickets of the archaeological site to the group members and
after the ticket control the group is gathering at the Agora of the Kompetaliasts.
10:45-12:15 (Guided Tour)
 Introduction to the mythological, prehistorical and historical background of the island is provided.
Through the narrow streets of the Hellenistic City of the 4th century BC, we reach the impressive house of Dionysos.

Exceptional mosaics, well preserved marble columns and amazing wall paintings are just a few of the featured highlights of a rich man’s house.
Few meters beyond we admire Cleopatra with her statue decorating its entrance.
After a short stop at the house of the Trident, we reach the Theatre of Delos and the public cistern of the city.
This is the end of the route in the urban side of the city, we now roll down walking on the main street to return to the market and the Sanctuary zone.

The Stoa of Phillipe, the donations of ancient celebrities, The Propylaia, the Colossus of the Naxians and The Temples of Apollo are the monuments we admire before our last stop in front of the Sacred Lake and the eternal Naxian Lions.
12:15-13:15 (Free Time)
From this point on, our visitors continue individually for about thirty minutes to visit the archaeological museum and the museum shop

Departure from Delos to Mykonos

Arrival at Mykonos

Prices for summer 2018
(includes the return boat trip, entrance fee and licensed guide).

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How to get there: By public bus service to Fabrika Square or Old Port (north pier) by Taxi or by Car / Scooter.
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